Products and IPs

The partners of the TEXTAROSSA project are developing several products and IPs. The complete list is available in the public deliverable D7.4 (link coming soon), while in this page you can find the links to the already available products:

  • TAFFO for CUDA and OpenCL, a set of plugins for the LLVM compiler framework to perform precision tuning (repository)
  • StarPU, technical upgrade of StarPU to include FPGA. (project website)
  • Fast Task Scheduler (FTS), CPU-FPGA infastracture to deploy very fast a large set of tasks in the FPGA. (repository)
  • OmpSs@FPGA over IDV-E, work offloading from a CPU host computer to a standalone FPGA (PCIe) in a way that is transparent to the programmer. (repository)
  • Liquid-based cooling models for DCworms, creation of thermal models of liquid-based cooling that can be used in DCworms. (repository)
  • BootCMatchGX, Innovative Sparse Linear Solver based on a flexible and robust Algebraic MultiGrid method for Nvidia multi-GPU systems. (repository)