Since 2002, E4 Computer Engineering (E4) has been innovating and actively encouraging the adoption of new computing and storage technologies.

With a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services, the company is able to offer its customers solutions for the most demanding workloads on HPC, Big-Data, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and much more.
E4 take an agnostic approach towards the many technologies available on the market. This allows to devise and offer the best solution tailored to customer needs.

Getting the best from innovation and make it easy. Implementing and integrating the most advanced technologies to obtain the best performance from computing and storage. Producing high quality solutions starting from requirements analysis to after-sales services to provide a full customer support.

Becoming the reference supplier for IT solutions, focused on technological innovation, with the aim to make our customers develop and implement their own research and improve the world of tomorrow.

Premium Services for systems’ optimization and easy management
• Evaluation, planning, design of customized HPC and Big Data clusters based on specific applications and requirements  
• Benchmark on hardware quality and reliability
• Competence on distributed / parallel file systems with high performance and capacity
• Management of data migration ensuring integrity between different file systems
• Training for customers on file system management, queue management, automation, alarm systems
• Expertise in High Speed ​​latency networks (Infiniband \ Ethernet, warp, RoCE)

E4 has the task to develop the Integrated Development Vehicle (IDV), featuring ARM and FPGA. The IDV will be used as testbed and workhorse by TEXTAROSSA’s developers. The IDVs will be a single-node platform, easy to configure and reconfigure, extensible in terms of components, devices, peripherals, flexible in terms of supported SW (OS, utilities, drivers, run-time libraries), instrumented with thermal sensors, electric probes, thermally-induced mechanical stress sensors. The IDVs will be the core element of a TEXTAROSSA scalable multi-node heterogeneous HPC platform. The developers will use the IDVs to test their codes, algorithms, drivers without having the constraints of a large system and having the advantage to be able to test their developments on different components through a very quick reconfiguration process. Lean reconfiguration tools such as Metal-as-a-Service (MAAS) will be available. Because the IDVs will have the same core components of EPI, the results achieved on the IDVs will ‘map’ on the EPI architecture, providing reliable and actionable data to the EPI development team, where a number of partners of this project are already involved and active.

Key personnel
• Daniele Gregori – Scientific Coordinator
• Fabrizio Magugliani – Strategic Planning & Business Development
• Cosimo Gianfreda – CTO
• Agnese Reina – Marketing & Communication