ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, a public body aimed at research, technological innovation and the provision of advanced services to enterprises, public administration and citizens in the sectors of energy, the environment and sustainable economic development.

ENEA has highly qualified personnel, advanced laboratories, experimental facilities and excellent instruments for the realization of projects, studies, tests, assessments, analyses and training services, with particular reference to product and process innovation and the valorization of results to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the national economic system. It currently employs around 2,500 people located in 11 research centers throughout Italy.

Since its foundation in the 1960s, its strengths have been applied research, technology transfer and technical-scientific support to companies, associations, territories, central and local administrations.

ENEA participates in TEXTAROSSA through the HPC laboratory belonging to the Division of Information Systems and ICT Development within the Energy Technologies Department (DTE-ICT-HPC) and the Laboratory of Process and Systems Engineering for Energy Decarbonisation The DTE-ICT-HPC laboratory has strong experience in the set-up and management of High-Performance Computing systems and architectures, dating back to ENEA’s founding, in the 1950s. Nowadays, ENEA runs a major computing center in Portici (Naples), where the CRESCO facility is hosted.

The IPSE laboratory has more than 30 years of experience in the experimentation and modeling of thermal control systems for many applications to remove high heat fluxes (fusion reactors, electronics, satellites, electric components, etc.)​
All computing facilities in ENEA are integrated within ENEAGRID , an infrastructure for distributed computing over 6 sites whose main facilities are the HPC CRESCO clusters in operation at the ENEA center in Portici. ENEA’s HPC supports R&D activities of a substantial number of research groups and associated partners, in sectors such as alternative energies, energy efficiency, climate and environment, new materials, manufacturing technologies, bioinformatics, transports, security, cultural heritage.


ENEA will contribute to the TEXTAROSSA project through:
• the coordination of the Work Package 1, in which a co-design approach is pursued to define the HW/SW of a node for an exa-scale system;
• the customization of the Vitis High-Level Synthesis flow to efficiently support the stream-based parallelism within FPGA accelerators and integrating into it the IPs developed within the WP2;
• the hosting and management of one node of the IDV (Integrated Development Vehicle);
• the characterization of the power and thermal efficiency of the two-phases cooling system developed by InQuattro;
• the coordination of the whole project.

Key personnel
• Massimo Celino
• Francesco Iannone
• Silvio Migliori
• Paolo Palazzari
• Andrea Quintiliani
• Andrea Mariani

E-mail addresses: name.surname@enea.it